Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Has Arrived

Fall has arrived in our little Northern Michigan hamlet. The warm sunny days and the cool...almost winter cold...nights have turned the leaves the most incredible colors!

The Maples with their brilliant reds.....

and bright oranges.

The Oaks and Poplars round thing off with their beautiful golds.

I remember when I was a little city girl...we'd rake up the leaves into a big pile and jump right into the middle. It was like landing in a huge feather bed. Soft and fragrant.
I always loved the smell of fall. My brother and I used to fight for who would rake the leaves. Back then it was a big "Want to Do".

Now that I'm older and... thanks to my loving husband....a country-fied gal, this is what I have to look forward to every fall in the woods.

Older and wiser....we hire someone to rake the leaves now... so we can sit in the hammock and enjoy the glory of Mother Nature and her amazing fall paint brush.

Ohhh I smell cinnamon! Frank must be back from the Cider Mill.
Gotta go!

Enjoy the colors of your back yard today :-)

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