Monday, December 7, 2009

Custom Orders...YEAAAAA!!

I know a lot of artists would rather have a root canal that design a custom order but I LOVE THEM! Through all of the different online photos, sites and shops....this customer has chosen me to make that perfect quilt for their special someone.

I start with a conversation with the buyer so I can find out what their "dream" is. It's my experience that every custom order starts with a dreamy picture in the customer's mind of something they would love to have. Through this dialog I can find out what their budget is, when they need it, who it is for, and most important...what type of quilt would they like.

After all the details are hammered out, I start sketching. I clean up the sketch and then pull out my colored pencils. I try to include as much detail as I can. I'll recreate (as best I can) the fabrics I've chosen for the quilt.

I'll then present my customer with the drawing.

This is the point where the changes, if any, are made. This customer wanted to add some darker purples to the applique work. She also wanted to omit the bumble bee because her daughter-in-law was allergic! We decided on an exact size and off to the studio I went.

This is where the joy of custom work flourishes. I love to take an idea and make it come to life. Here is the finished quilt.

When the quilt top was finished, I emailed a photo and explained that I had some fabric left over did she want to add to the collection. She I made a matching bonnet, jumpsuit and pillow.

This is the most recent custom quilt I was asked to design. The drawing was approved and I'm doing the needle turn applique work at this time.

I'll check in with the stages of development so you can follow the process.

Thank you for stopping by to visit! See ya next time.