Saturday, September 4, 2010


To start this post...A very special thank you to all my loyal followers, for sticking with me as I have been changing, rearranging and re-inventing this blog! XO

I've found it very stressful to maintain multiple blogs...a bunny blog, one for each of my businesses and a personal musings blog. My hair is now all white!!!

Welcome to the new, condensed blog:
"Postings from a Crazy Cottontail"

This new and improved blog will include fun things I find in the cyberworld. I'll share my thoughts and the wonderful world of handmade. And always.... something about bunnies.

I made this wonderful bag, based on the original art of Nakisha, at bluedogrose on Etsy.

It sold last week and my customer wanted to have a custom bag made for her friend, exchanging the bunny for her buddies beagle. She sent me a few pictures of the puppy via email and here is the finished product.

I think I have a new custom creation.....personalized pet bags!!! This will be fun.

Looking forward to next time.

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