Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'd like to introduce you to the Dirt Road Artists Team!

I am a member of the Etsy- Dirt Road Artists Team... DRATs for short. We all hale from small towns with a population of 25,000 folks or under. Never have I known a more wonderful group in all my years!

I'd like to take the next couple of weeks to introduce you to all 26 members and the beautiful things they create.

This is the third post in the series. If you're visiting for the first time... please check the previous posts to meet them all.

Rose... of Baskets by Rose is a fellow Michigander from the Detroit area. Her baskets are hand woven and the reeds are hand each basket is a true one of a kind. Stunning!


This beautiful pottery is by Phyliss of Montezuma Mudd and she hales from Mancos, Colorado. She calls her pieces "functional stoneware pottery" and they are ment to be used every day!


Pine, Arizona is where Connie calls home. She has a special gift of capturing the nuances of faces and eyes in her pencil drawings. Her shop Life Shades has original pieces and prints.

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I invite you to click the DRATs link above to meet the artists at home in their studios!

Thank you for stopping by! See you again soon.


  1. What a wonderful surprise to find. I can tell you the other two shops you have feature are great artist. The Dirt Road Teams covers it all!

    Thank you so much

  2. It's always a joy to meet artist and share in their wealth of talent

  3. I love the basket by Rose on the top left! Awesome. Great job on the blog post.

  4. sorry to hear about the hard times, but glad things are getting better. The pottery in the photograph above is beautiful! Especially love that blue bowl/plate set.