Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'd like to introduce you to the Dirt Road Artists Team!

I am a member of the Etsy- Dirt Road Artists Team... DRATs for short. We all hale from small towns with a population of 25,000 folks or under. Never have I known a more wonderful group in all my 52..on Friday 53...years!

I'd like to take the next couple of weeks and introduce you to all 26 members and the beautiful things they create.

A little nepotism here as I begin with my wonderful husband Frank. His shop is HornyCritters. He hand carves mini sculptures from antlers he find in the woods. His newest passion is photography. I think he found his muse!

The next member I'd like you to meet is a fellow Michigander, from Grand Haven...on the west side of the state. Her shop is Joyful Art Studio. Joy makes the most beautiful jewelry, mosaics and glass creations.

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to our next chat "out by the fence"


  1. Thank you for the introduction to these great shops and to those who create their beautiful art

  2. I love being a part of this group! I know I've said this before but...Dirt Road Artists rocks! Can't wait to read your next post.

  3. these are so great
    you are awesome to do them
    it it really cool your husband is on etsy too, his antlers are amazing

  4. Love how you did this! Great shops from the Dirt Road Gang!

  5. Cindi, How do you do it all?!? Thanks for using your blog to promote The DRATS! I love Frank's photos...a man of many talents!