Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why Do I Love Needle Turn Applique?

Of all the techniques I use to build a quilt top, needle turn applique is by far my favorite.

First, because I'm not confined to my studio as a slave to my sewing machine for the entire process.

Before I begin to applique, I spend time in the studio building the backgrounds for the blocks. I attach these pieces to the pieced borders forming the foundation for the applique.

I begin applique process by drawing the individual pieces onto freezer paper and cutting them out without a seam allowance. I'll add these later. With a warm iron, I adhear the pieces to their designated fabrics.I add the 1/4 seam allowance beyond the freezer paper pattern, as I cut. This way I can add extra for difficult fabrics, or less for tight angles.

The second reason I love needle turn is portability. After the pieces are cut, I put them in a letter size envelope marked with the name (or number) of the block. I put this envelope and the foundation of the block in a plastic zipper bag. Now when I know I'll have some waiting to do, like at the doctors office, I'll bring out the bag and start the applique.

The third, and for me the best, reason I love needle turn applique is the fluidity. There are no borders to confine or math to mess with or patterns set in stone. The block below has a treee that flow over into the pieced border and I love this effect!

Let me know if you'd like me to post my technique for needle turning. I'd love to share!
Thanks for stopping by...see you soon! Cindi

FUN ‹^^^›_‹(•¿•)›_‹^^^› STUFF!!

Here are my newest Etsy finds. These are shops that haven't been *discovered* yet. Please click the links and let them know you found them :)

A Tree of Life engraved on a vintage brass locket by starsb117.

A butcher block chef station by OgiFurniture.

A fun and fanciful crown for your little princess by GirlGirlBoy.


  1. Nice Etsy finds. And I really appreciate your explanation about why you like needle turn applique. I used to do Hawaiian quilting and enjoyed it for the same reason. Have to get back to that someday.

  2. While I'd *really* like for you to teach me needle-turn applique in person, (complete with bunny petting and hot chocolate breaks,) I know your tutorial will be the next best thing!