Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank You Mom!

I know Mother's Day has passed and I hope everyone had a wonderful day of celebrating.

I tried to write this post all last week but found it just to hard. You see.... I lost my mom 25 years ago last week. Twenty-five years had passed so quickly. I spent last week remembering and missing those days sooooo much.

Mom...Sally to all her friends.... was a wonderful woman with a huge heart, loving soul and a crazy sense of humor.

She was a single mom in the 60's and it never showed. There were home made dinners on the table every night and she was there for all my brother's games and my concerts and plays.
She taught me to sew when I was 10 years old. Some of my fondest memories are sitting at the old Singer machine..........

Mom guiding me over my shoulder...making my first skirt. Next was a pair of pants then a blouse which evolved to an array of dresses.
I thought at the time, sewing was rather old fashioned...but I'm so glad that I listened to my mother because it has made my life so full to sit at my own machine...and sew.

In my retirement where I have a world of possibilities to choose from, I have chosen to spend my time.. like my the sewing machine.
I'm so blessed to have two businesses that allow me to use the gift my mother gave me. Whether piecing an heirloom quilt or making a pair of whimsical knickers...I truly LOVE what I do.

Thank you Mom for your loving guidance so many years ago...and for your continued *over the shoulder* guidance these last 25 years. You always new what was best.

Your loving Daughter, Cindi

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