Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Rabbit Tarot Show Is Ready To Go!!

Back in October, Nakisha had asked me to join her at the City Trees Gallery in the Seattle area. She will be showing the original watercolors that were used to create the images for her Rabbit Tarot Cards.

I was so honored and excited to be included in the show, that I wanted to make something very special. I had thought about making garments for quite some time, and this opportunity was the perfect time to unveil them!

So, after weeks of sewing and quilting 18 hours a day, my Rabbit Tarot pieces are now in Seattle with Nakisha's watercolors, waiting for Opening Night November 14th. I am showing them here for the very first time. Clicking the highlights will give more detail.

This is a jacket based on the Rabbit Tarot Card, The World. It is done in needle turn applique and is hand quilted. The sky sections are quilted in a stippling pattern with a metallic silver thread to add a little sparkle! The entire back of the jacket has my interpretation of the Word. It too, is needle turn appliqued and stipple quilted.

This is a slouch bag titled The Sun. The detail on the front is all needle turn applique. The quilting around the sun mimics sun rays and have a touch of metallic gold thread to represent light. The back of the bag has contemporary versions of log cabin blocks.

Here is a vest based on the card The Star. I loved making this because of all the beautiful colors and patchwork pieces. The pieced stars on the front are continued on the back, where I have recreated The Star card. The back is needle turn appliqued and hand quilted. Out in *space* I have hand quilted more stars with a metallic gold thread.

I have reproduced the back of the Rabbit Tarot Cards on this bag. Around the center medallion I have placed pieced blocks made entirely of black and white fabrics. The quilting around the bunnies are done in shadow and the body of the bag is a free form graphic pattern.

I hope that you have enjoyed the new additions to my quilt family. I had so much fun making them so I have several more on the idea board ready to start.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. These are all so gorgeous! Can't wait to hear how the show goes tomorrow nite! Hugs to you all, and nose bonks from H+H : )

  2. LOVE the jacket!!!

  3. I was viewing all ur Items and wow i must say you really do great work ;)


  4. This is really, really great applique and embroidery.