Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm sorry to announce that the "Name This Fabric" contest was a bust. I waited all day today for any final entries, but there just wasn't much interest.

I will leave the offer open until the fabric is named.
Thank you to the entrants. I really appreciate your suggestions!

Exciting news just came my way on Tuesday.

My friend Nakisha is having a show of her beautiful paintings in Seattle at the City Trees Gallery on November 14th. She will be showcasing the original watercolors of Little White and Dutch Rabbit she painted that are used as the images for her Rabbit Tarot Cards. She has asked me to include the carrying pouches I've quilted and two Tarot quilts (I'm still working on) featuring my adaptation of her paintings.

I am so honored and excited that Nakisha has asked me to have my quilts and pouches join her on her very special day!!

If you live in the Seattle area, please stop by and say hello to her on November 14th. She may even give you a reading. She has 10 years experience and it should be a lot of fun.

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  1. The fabric is very well done. Since it is full of greens and flowers and garden-y stuff, how about naming it ' where the green grass grows' ?